Pain Treatment

Pain is our body’s way of getting our attention quickly, alerting us to a problem.

When you're in pain, it seems like nothing else matters more than making the pain go away.

Pain management becomes all-consuming depending on the level of pain you're experiencing.

This section of the site identifies, with basic information in a clinical format, what types of pain you're experiencing and common treatments.



About Me

Pain Relief

I’m the Lady in Pain, welcome! I’m Sophie, and I have been in pain of various types and severity most of my life. I love helping others that are struggling with ways to alleviate their pain as I’ve tried almost everything myself.

My favorite things include cozy mysteries, pain free days that get me outside, and cake. I hope you’ll find something to help you from my arsenal of pain relief attempts. Many have helped me, and I hope to save you from wasting your money on those that didn’t.