Pain Treatment

Pain comes in many forms. It can be dull pain or sharp stabbing pain. It can be a pain that comes and goes, or with you at all times due to a chronic condition or from an injury. Pain can be a wandering nomad, moving to different parts of the body (as in Rheumatoid Arthritis) or it can concentrate on a specific diseased or injured body part.  

Pain Treatment

Every time a person moves their head, uses their hands, lifts their arm, or rotates their body, they are most likely using their shoulders. The shoulders support a lot of other functions in the body. They are a vital body part and when the shoulders experience pain, it is difficult for a person to operate normally. Everyday life functions become extremely difficult and are much more frustrating. It is important to understand why you are suffering from shoulder pain and what can be done to treat many of the conditions that are common. In the process, the symptoms of shoulder pain will be relieved. Read on for the basics of shoulder pain causes and treatments.


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Pain Relief

I’m the Lady in Pain, welcome! I’m Sophie, and I have been in pain of various types and severity most of my life. I love helping others that are struggling with ways to alleviate their pain as I’ve tried almost everything myself.

My favorite things include cozy mysteries, pain free days that get me outside, and cake. I hope you’ll find something to help you from my arsenal of pain relief attempts. Many have helped me, and I hope to save you from wasting your money on those that didn’t.