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Hip pain complicates every part of daily life. Hip problems make walking and sitting difficult. If you suffer from hip pain, you also most likely have a hard time sleeping. Figuring out what causes hip pain and what to do about can help you as you fight to have a normal, active life. Read on for the basics of where it starts and what you can do about it.

Inositol Benefits And Uses

Inositol is not a new discovery, but it has been under-publicized until recently. The truth is, inositol is a naturally-occurring chemical that is produced by your own body!

Heating Pad for Neck and Lower Back Pain Relief

A heating pad can help relieve both neck and lower back pain. Back pain accounts for 264 million work days lost every year in America. That means that if you're in pain right now, you're in good company. If you've been suffering from back pain it can feel like you've tried everything to make it go away. Read on to learn how to use a heating pad for neck and lower back pain relief.

Pain Treatment

Too often, individuals neglect the joints in their bodies and the functions they perform on a regular basis. Without the joints, the body could not move and operate properly. When joint pain occurs it is imperative that you understand what is causing the pain and why. It should be treated or at least managed to avoid further problems. If you suffer from joint pain you probably experience extreme discomfort. Read on for the basics on how to treat and manage your joint pain.

Degenerative Joint Disease and Treatments

Degenerative joint disease, also called osteoarthritis or OA, is a common condition. As people age, joints undergo a lot of wear and tear where the cartilage in the joint, that serves as the joint “cushion” thins and deteriorates. Chronic, repetitive motions inflame joints and damages precious cartilage over the years.  Any joint can become degenerative, but the hips, knees, hands, and the spine are the most commonly affected. I have it in all of those places.

Pain Treatment

One of the top sports injuries today is a knee injury. Athletes commonly suffer from knee injuries because their knees are unfortunately not protected and therefore more susceptible to injury. Sadly, for some athletes, knee injuries are not only painful they are also career ending. Because of this, protecting the knees becomes a priority. Athletes are not the only ones that suffer from knee related injuries. This type of pain affects many people. Read on for a basic guide to the knee problems that can affect you or those around you.

How to Get Bunion Pain Relief

Bunions are painful and unsightly, and incredibly common. About a quarter of all adults suffer from bunions (me included). But is surgery the only option for relieving bunion pain? I’ve had quite a few surgeries and just can’t get on board for yet another one, so I treat my bunion pain with home treatments to relieve the pain. In this post, I’ll discuss the many different, and inexpensive products and methods you can use to relieve bunion pain and either delay or avoid surgery altogether.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain Relief

The right pillow can make all the difference when it comes to neck pain. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic or occasional neck pain. Over half of working adults in the U.S. admit to suffering from neck pain at least once in the past year. When the pain travels down into the lower back, it is also the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Pain Treatment

Every time a person looks anywhere they move their neck. Their neck is responsible for so much. It holds up the head and supports the beginning of the digestive system. Most people take their neck for granted until they realize how useful it was during after an accident. Once they experience this severe neck pain, they realize how much value their neck is and begin to appreciate and wish that their neck were functioning fully and that it was completely pain free. Read on for basic information on neck pain and some of the ways it is treated.

How to Use a TENS unit

I love my TENS unit. It's one of my front line weapons for my back pain relief. If you've never used a TENS unit, read on. I'll tell you what it is, how it treats pain, and how to use TENS to get relief from back pain.


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