Top 10 Essential Oils for Back Pain

Did you know that certain essential oils can help relieve back pain? Read on to learn about the top ten essential oils for back pain.

We've all experience the torture of back pain. Your back muscles are screaming with tightness. You can't bend over without seeing stars.

What's worse is back pain lasts a while. The days pass with little relief. That's where essential oils for back pain can make a difference.

Essential oils are holistic healing tools that offer you natural relief. You won't have to deal with inflexible insurance companies to get your hands on these. Most are easy to get from your local holistic supply store.

Keep reading to discover our top ten essential oil recommends to relieve your back pain!

Common Causes for Back Pain

Before we delve into our list, let's review some of the common causes of back pain. Back pain can stem from bone illnesses like osteoporosis, which is weakening of the bones. Simple mundane actions like picking up your child the wrong way can also cause back injuries.

Some have strained their back stepping up a flight of stairs. We can all agree that: lower back muscle pain is the worst. Muscle spams leave your muscles sore and tender to the touch.

But what cause these back issues? Some of the common causes of back pain are:



Lifting heavy object without the proper technique

Improper posture

Herniated spinal disks


Sedentary lifestyle

These common causes range from chronic illness to a swift wrong movement. Whatever ails you, the best bet is to relax inflamed muscles. That's where we essential oils for back pain come in.

How Essential Oils Work

Essential oils are natural remedies for pain relief. But how do they work on the body to bring about that relief? That's an excellent question, and the good news is that natural remedies are gentle on the body.

There are little to no side effects reported for most essential oils. Many of the ingredients that make up these oils are in an ordinary diet. We put basil in our food, and oregano on our pizza.

Both basil and oregano come in oil form. In oil form, you can massage it on the skin or inhale the scents for aromatherapy.

Application and Effective Use

Most holistic suppliers will offer droppers for essential oils or roller bottles. To produce the best results, you'd apply the essential oil to your pulse points. Pulse points are where you feel your heartbeat the most.

These points also serve to help the skin absorb the oil faster. As well as, make the oil travel quicker through the bloodstream once it's absorbed. Two of your pulse points are on your inner wrists.

Apply oil to each inner wrist, rub them together, and then smell them. Inhale deep to get the full effect of aromatherapy!

1. Loving That Lavender Is Number One on Our List of Essential Oils for Back Pain

Lavender is part of the mint family. All the mint oil choices are great for back pain. Those would include:


Apple Mint



Lavender can help with headaches and digestive issues. But also, it's an anti-inflammatory that reduces back pain!

2. Earthy Eucalyptus

Part of the mint family, eucalyptus contains anti-inflammatory properties like Lavender. It'll reduce swelling and calm spasming muscles. Muscles can spasm more after an injury because of swelling.

Eucalyptus will help calm down any angry muscles and bring your come comfort.

3. Rambunctious Rosemary

Rosemary is often suggested for those that suffer from arthritis. That's because Rosemary oil [like Lavender and Eucalyptus] is an anti-inflammatory. It offers pain relief.

It is also good for headaches, migraines, or sinus headaches.

4. Chronic Back Pain? Ha! Not This Thyme...

Thyme is another herb you can find in your local grocery store in the produce section. You can use this in your meals in herb form! If not essential oil is a fantastic alternative for massages.

Rubbing this on your back will produce relief since it's an anti-inflammatory oil.

5. Beautiful Basil

Aside from sprinkling basil in your spaghetti dish, try basil in oil form by rubbing it on your back. Massage the oil into the skin will bring about relief because of basil's natural make up. It smells lovely and is an anti-inflammatory that helps reduce swelling.

Basil is also very easy to grow. If you have a backyard to small garden, you may try to plant some basil to have the natural plant at your fingertips. This would be perfect for cooking or tea.

For sufferers of chronic pain, we know that any relief is an absolute gift!

6. Calming Chamomile

We've all heard of chamomile's calming effects. This scent is found in many sleeping aid aromatherapy products or baby lotions and soaps. That's because chamomile brings tranquility.

Beyond its powerful calming effects, chamomile works great for back pain. It can soothe muscle spams from back injuries or strains.

7. Gentle Ginger

Ginger is a phenomenal oil that stems from either the flower or root. It's a bit spicy in flavor but offers a series of health benefits including pain relief. We'd recommend adding it to your diet as a tea.

Ginger root tea is an easy recipe:

Cut a piece of ginger root

Place it in a small pot of boiling water (about 3 cups of water)

Add sugar (half a cup, or to your liking)

Let it boil for five minutes while stirring

This tea will open your sinuses. The anti-inflammatory properties will relieve your backache too.

8. Nutty Nutmeg

Nutmeg spices are in many baked items like cookies. As an oil, it works to reduce swelling. Its anti-inflammatory abilities give your back muscles the chance to heal quicker.

This would be a great choice for those with injured muscles!

9. Peruvian Balsam

Pure Peruvian balsam is a sap. It stems from the bark of Myroxylon balsamum. While that's a bit of an intimidating name, don't let that scare you away. This herb can help with a variety of ailments like:

Dry sockets from teeth removal



In aromatherapy, it can serve as a helpful tool for sleep and as a stress reducer. For those that suffer back pain from arthritis, this would be an excellent remedy. This oil is also an anti-inflammatory. It works to soothe tender muscles and painful joints.

10. Oh! Oregano...

Oregano oil has many health benefits. It's an antioxidant that can help prevent heart illnesses or disease. Oregano is also an antibacterial and anti-fungal that kills off infections.

Most important of all, it offers pain relief. Apply this to your back with a quick massage for absorption and you'll start to feel the relief.

Stay Hopeful with More Options

Essential oils for back pain can do so much more than relieve your back pain. Most essential oils work to relieve most chronic pains. The list is endless, so stay hopeful in your search for relief.

We understand that chronic pain can be unbearable at times. We're here to support you through your journey. Check out our pain relief strategies to try and get better control over your chronic pain!


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